sugar sideeffects

Sugar is bad for you in nine ways

Many people rely on quick, processed foods for meals and snacks. Since these products often contain added sugar, it makes up a large proportion of […]

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Health benefits of Raisins

Health Benefits Of Raisin

Health Benefits Of Raisin Raisin is a dried grape. Raisins can be eaten raw or can be used in cooking, baking and brewing. Variety of […]

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10 Health Benefits of Almonds

10 Health Benefits of Almonds The scientific name of the almond is ( Prunus dulcis, syn Prunus amygdalus ) it’s a species of tree native […]

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7 Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

7 Health Benefits of Dry Fruits Dry fruits the powerhouse of nutrients, a great source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber. Health experts suggest including the […]

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apricot benifits

7 Health Benefits Of Apricots ( Khubani )

Apricot, (Prunus armeniaca), is known as stone fruit of the family Rosaceae (order Rosales), closely related to peaches, almonds, plums, and cherries. Apricots are cultivated throughout the […]

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7 Benefits of Swimming

7 Benefits of Swimming A healthy activity that can be continued for lifetime. It requires the use of one’s whole body to move through water. […]

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10 Harmful effects of smoking

Smoking In today’s youth, the most serious problem is smoking. It looks like a tension reliever for them. They find it cool. But they didn’t […]

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How to deal with anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder Anxiety disorder – A mental health disorder characterized by feelings of worry, anxiety, or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one’s […]

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Health Benefits Of Eating Banana

Health Benefits Of Eating Banana Bananas have great importance when it comes to health but eating beyond a limit can cause harm. Now, there might […]

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