10 Harmful Effects Of Consuming Alcohol

10 Harmful Effects Of Consuming Alcohol

Effects Of Consuming Alcohol

10 Harmful Effects Of Consuming Alcohol

Some people consume alcohol daily , some consume occasionally and some to relax there mind.

But do you ever imagined that why is the effect of alcohol in your body ? How harmful it is consume .

Lets take a look to some of the harmful effects of alcohol consumption.

Effect on Digestive and endocrine gland  

Alcohol consumption can activate the abnormal activation of the digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas. It can affect your digestive system. It can also lead to severe complications.

Liver Damage

Alcohol consumption can lead to severe live diseases. It can damage your liver and increase the toxicity of the body. As Liver helps to remove harmful substances from the body. Regular consumption of alcohol weekends our liver system and increases the toxicity of the blood. Women are more affected by alcohol. And they are at higher risk to get Alcohol liver diseases.

Effect On Blood Sugar Level

Pancrease helps in regulating the blood sugar level in the body. Consumption of alcohol affects the liver and pancreas which may lead to a lower blood sugar level. And a person can suffer from hypoglycemia. Pancreas damage can lead to less production of insulin. Which disbalances the insulin level in our body. Which leads to hyperglycemia.

Effect Central nervous system

Alcohol consumption affects your central nervous system. Which affects your thinking ability it affects the balancing of the body. Alcohol directly hits your central nervous system. The first sign is slurred speech if you drink too much. Alcohol slower the communication between your body and brain. Which affects the balancing of the body. Alcohol consumption can lead to the numbness of the hand and feet.  It also affects your memory and you will not remember the long-term memories. Regular consumption can affect your front lobe of the brain. Which is responsible for taking decisions, emotional behavior, judgment, and short-term memories.

Effect Central nervous system

Too much consumption of alcohol can leads to alcohol dependency. You will develop physical, mental, and emotional dependency on alcohol. You then started to find alcohol as a stress reliever. if the person wanted to stop the alcohol it would be difficult and life tethering to the person. Then people go for the detoxification of the body and it’s the best method to overcome alcohol dependency.

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

Regularly consumption of the alcohol effect your digestive system . It damages your intestine . Which leads to the digestive problems . Which leads to the malnutrion , nutrients and vitamin will not absorbed properly .

Circulatory system

A regular drinker has a higher risk of heart diseases. Women get more affected by alcohol and have a higher risk of heart diseases.

Circulatory system complications include:

Men who consume alcohol can leads to erectile dysfunction and affect your sexual life. Woman who drink too much stop their mensuration cycle which may cause infertility. Drinking during pregnancy can cause abortion and abnormal child breath.

Bone and Skeltal Health

Regular consumption the alcohol can affect the bone strength , and may leads to the thinning of the bones . It also leads to muscle weakness, cramping, etc.

 Immune system

Alcohol consumption has a very severe effect on your body. It weakened your immune system and leads to a higher risk of invaded by the disease.

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