7 Harmful Effects Of Junk Food

7 Harmful Effects Of Junk Food

Effects Of Junk Food

7 Harmful Effects Of Junk Food

JUNK FOOD:- Food with no nutrients and good amount of calories , salt & fats.

The above definition may seem wrong to some but this is the truth. Its consumption may lead to a lot of health problems.

Now, there might arise a question in your mind that “How to have home food all the time?”

Well, if so then let’s scroll through the ill effects of these foods which will definitely help you out in choosing between home food and junk food.


Consuming too much junk can lead to certain reactions in your brain. Junk food consists of high sugar and fat content due to which our body loses essential nutrients and we are left with no energy.


People who eat a lot of junk food faces depression which ultimately leads to deterioration of the brain. Hence, the weakening of the brain is more or less equal to the loss of memory.


It has been noticed that people who consume more junk perform poorly. Junk directly or indirectly harms our chemical reactions which lead to a lack of performance.


The junk consumed by your body only consists of fat and a lot of calories, it contains no nutrient that can provide us with energy due to which digestion becomes difficult which causes health issues.


Intake of fast-food causes weight gain and slows down our body. Gaining weight develops respiratory issues such as asthma, shortness of breath, etc. This can also affect your lungs and heart.


Excess of calories, sugar, fat in junk food increases acid in the mouth which results in the breaking down of tooth enamel hence cavity develops. Consuming too much junk causes a negative effect on bone density. Often breaking of bone just by a small fall is the result of this kind of food.


One of the main reasons behind the development of aggressive nature is the consumption of fast- food in excess. Change in behavior towards society, family, friends is also a cause of having junk often.

We all know that the limit of a human body cannot be measured but this does not mean that we will check our limit by eating harmful food. Intake of nutrients can only be done by consuming healthy food.

My motive behind writing the above is not to influence you to not eat JUNK FOOD at all rather eat it but in limit.

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