What is Black and White Fungus? Diagnosis and Treatment.

What is Black and White Fungus? Diagnosis and Treatment.


What is Black and White Fungus? Diagnosis and Treatment.

Indian is battling with covid 19 and now there is another epidemic called Black Fungus and White fungus. Doctors said that if proper precaution is not taken it may lead to several complications in the body of the patients. First Four case of white fungus is found in Patna. Black and White fungus is declared an epidemic in many states of India.

Black Fungus

Black Fungus is Also known as mucormycosis infection is caused by mucor mould which is commonly found in soil, plants, manure, and decaying fruits and vegetables. It is very fatal and can affect the important parts of the body like, nose, lungs, kidney, eyes and can also lose vision. The mortality rate of the disease is 50%.

White Fungus

White Fungus Is also knows as Aspergillosis according to doctors white fungus is 4 times more harmful than black fungus and it can affect several parts of the body like the eyes, lungs, kidney, mouth, brain, and other parts of the brains.

The difference in symptoms of white and black fungus 

White Fungus

  • Dark spots on lungs, reduced oxygen level
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Cough

Black Fungus

  • Toothache, loosening of teeth
  • Black crusts in the nose
  • Facial pain
  • Nasal congestion
  • Loss of vision or pain in the eyes
  • Altered mental state, confusion
  • Swelling in cheeks and eyes
  • Headace

Who is more likely to get affected with white and black fungus 

According to the doctors and Indian express report both, white and black fungus can cause a person with low immunity. Diabetic patients, cancer patients person taking steroids, and covid patients are seen to be affected by this disease. Unhygienic conditions can also be a reason for patients to get infected with this infection.

Treatment and Diagnosis of White fungs 

According to the doctor’s infection can diagnose with a ct scan, x-ray and antifungal medicine should e was given to the patients but antifungal medicine should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription. 

Treatment and Diagnosis of Black fungus 

According to doctors, the Anti-fungal drug Amphotericin-B is given to the patients suffering from this infection. 

How to Protect Ourself from White and Black Fungus 

  1. Wear a mask whenever working in the garden, dusty place, and don’t come in the exposure of decaying fruits, bread, and vegetables, besides soil, compost and excreta.
  2. Wear full sleeves close when going out or working in the garden or any dusty place. Even through the cut, you can be infected.
  3. Maintain personal hygiene and also maintain hygiene and do scrubbing while bathing.
  4. Steroids consumption should be reduced. And should consultant doctor.
  5. Special precautions should be taken for diabetes patients.
  6. Discontinue of immunomodulating drugs should be a must and infusing normal saline before Amphotericin B (an anti-fungal medication) infusion should be done. 

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